7 Tips for Successful Transformation

Rose Kumar M.D.
2 min readJan 11, 2017

Tomorrow will be 9 months since my mother’s death….

The process of rebirthing continues.

I find myself doing deep and intense lineage work (I carry the maternal line), and transmuting and transforming patterns that were left.

This process is extremely difficult but moving through a rite of passage into the Crone or grandmother position in my life course requires moving through the eye of the needle.

The amount of concentrated consciousness required for this journey is like no other time in my life.

It is relentless, powerful and necessary.

I wonder why we don’t have a framework for these portals in society.

We must all move through them.

As I am moving through mine, I am also seeing many of my beloved patients who have not been guided through important passages in their lives andtherefore not integrated the lessons and depth of wisdom they could have if guided through these with authentic eldership.

Where is our elder wisdom?

I am experiencing how essential this is.

We must be conscious elders and mentors and to facilitate others, we must pass through our own rites of passage with endurance and courage, as consciously as we possibly can.

Some key points I can share that I find necessary when moving through these passage portals:

1. The struggle is necessary for transformation

2. FEELING the struggle is necessary for transformation

3. Being afraid is a part of the process

4. Fear is a sign that a powerful and sacred process is underway

5. Transformation ALWAYS involves a death but also a REBIRTH

6. Staying conscious to the necessity and precision of this in your life helps. Seeking the learning and meaning helps even more

7. Asking for help and a community of support is vital for endurance but being solitary is necessary during many stages of transformation

I wish you all COURAGE in going through your particular portals.

These rites of passage are by soul design.
Trust in your sacred process

Do the hard work of awakening.

We ALL need each other to stay AWAKE



Rose Kumar M.D.

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