Dropping alcohol is the single most powerful change a person can make for reclaiming health. I emphasize the is in my medical practice to EVERY patient I see. Alcohol is a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, an immunosuppressant and increases blood sugar and belly fat. I am not sure why its intake has been normalized in society. I was horrified to see how many people increased their alcohol intake during the COVID Pandemic. Alcohol suppresses Natural Killer Cell numbers and activity (in the liver), the first responders that kill cancer cells, viruses and bacteria and also distinguish self from non-self. If NK cells are 'sleeping', viral load, cancer progression and spread and autoimmunity increases....pure logic.

Thank you for writing this very informative article. I will refer my patients to it as it is so well written.

December 2020 heralded the release of the COVID19 vaccine. It was released at an unprecedented speed after a clinical trial demonstrated its efficacy. The vaccine was shown to be 95% effective in protecting humans against the COVID19 virus.

Many in the public are skeptical about this vaccine. I would like to offer some basic knowledge to assist in clarifying any confusion you might have about how this vaccine works to protect against the COVID19 virus.

First, a recap of the immune system and how vaccines work:

When a foreign protein (antigen) enters our body, our innate immune system is the…

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I am an internist in private practice in a community west of Milwaukee, and my commitment as a physician is to keep my patients and community safe and healthy. I have worked hard throughout the pandemic, to learn everything I can about COVID19, have helped my patients stay healthy, greatly reduced rates of COVID spread through preventive education, and cared for my patients who have become COVID positive, keeping them healthy enough to not need hospitalization. My practice has stayed open throughout the Pandemic, I’ve been diligent and tenacious through significant dips in patient volume and worked hard to meet…

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“Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

~His Holiness, The Dalai Lama XIV

If there is anything I’ve learned this year, it is that life is full of uncertainty. Yet there are some certainties that we can all agree upon:

a) If we are born we will die;

b) Struggle cannot be escaped (no matter how hard we try);

c) Living from meaning is essential at any stage of life;

d) We belong to one another no matter how separated we feel.

e) Life is always propelling us towards healing and love.

f) The Unknown…

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I woke up this morning with my patients in my heart who are in the process of moving towards their freedom. So many women are leaving dysfunctional relationships right now. The state of the world is amplifying our need to transform and align with our essence.

The majority are leaving their relationships with narcissists. It seems that narcissism is more prevalent now than ever before in the world, and speaking from personal experience, adapting to a narcissist moves us further and further away from our Authentic Self.

When we are adapting to abusive behaviors towards us, be it family of…

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Two months into the COVID pandemic, physicians on the front lines were referred to as ‘Heroes’. Are physicians actually heroes? I have a perspective on this that is different from popular culture.

Most physicians are born with an instinct to heal. We run into danger, without concern for our own safety, to save lives. Our intense and arduous training to become a physician has an alchemical effect on our instinct to heal. It in fact, amplifies and hones it. We train under conditions of intense pressure, diagnosing and treating patients with contagious diseases, unimaginable traumas and a myriad of illnesses…

One of the reaons people are reacting this days, is due to the feeling of a ‘loss of control’. A pandemic for sure brings this to the fore. An invisible virus has paralyzed our world. This feeling of a ‘loss of control’ is at the heart of any conspiracy theory. When I see these theories pop up with millions of views and shares, I am reminded of this underlying cause. People who believe in these are looking for an outside reason for why they have ‘no control’.

The paradox is that we live with the illusion that we are ‘in…

A Physicians Life Review in Case of Death from the Coronavirus

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

What will we do with the time that is given us?

Now we have more time than we ever thought we needed.

I am a board certified internist who has practiced evidence based Medicine from my heart for…

We are hearing a lot about the immune system these days. COVID-19 has illuminated it’s importance.

This is not news to any of my patients!

EVERYTHING I teach about:

Food as Medicine
Microbiome support
A healthy liver
A Whole Food Plant Based Diet

does just that — it boosts your immune system.

The liver is the first responder in immune defense. When a germ enters the body, the liver coats it and presents it to the immune system to kill it. This is done through proteins that coat the germs, which illuminate the germs so the immune system can see…

What is not brought to consciousness comes to us as fate

~Carl Jung

Twenty-one years ago, when I left corporate health care my inner guidance spoke these words, “THIS IS THE TITANIC, IT WILL SINK. GO BUILD A LIFE RAFT.” “THERE WILL BE A WAVE OF LOSS THAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE FOR.”

At the time, my now ex-husband did not want me to leave corporate medicine. I was making six figures and supporting my family, and that was that. “I would rather live in a trailer home than go back there”, I said to him. …

Rose Kumar M.D.

medical entrepreneur dedicated to preserving the sanctity of Medicine, transforming healthcare and writing about it www.ommanicenter.com

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