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December 2020 heralded the release of the COVID19 vaccine. It was released at an unprecedented speed after a clinical trial demonstrated its efficacy. The vaccine was shown to be 95% effective in protecting humans against the COVID19 virus.

Many in the public are skeptical about this vaccine. I would like to offer some basic knowledge to assist in clarifying any confusion you might have about how this vaccine works to protect against the COVID19 virus.

First, a recap of the immune system and how vaccines work:

When a foreign protein (antigen) enters our body, our innate immune system is the first to respond. This part of our immune system consists of ‘foot soldiers’ on the front lines that see the enemy and run towards it to destroy it. These foot soldiers are billions of Natural Killer (NK) cells, whose job is to attack any foreign antigen that is considered a threat to the body. These are released into the bloodstream by the liver, which find and kill the foreign antigen through a process called phagocytosis. This antigen could be a virus, a bacteria or a cancer cell. After killing it, parts of the antigen are carried on the surface of these cells and presented to the adaptive immune system, where a type of B-cell called plasma cells to manufacture antibodies against the specific parts of the antigen presented to them. This takes a few days to occur after the antigen first enters the body. Another category of B-cells called memory cells, memorize the configuration of the antigen that the antibodies are made against, and lay waiting in case the same antigen invades again. If the antigen enters the body, the memory cells stimulate antibody production which destroys the antigen and protects the body from invasion. …


Rose Kumar M.D.

medical entrepreneur dedicated to preserving the sanctity of Medicine, transforming healthcare and writing about it

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