Dropping alcohol is the single most powerful change a person can make for reclaiming health. I emphasize the is in my medical practice to EVERY patient I see. Alcohol is a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, an immunosuppressant and increases blood sugar and belly fat. I am not sure why its intake has been normalized in society. I was horrified to see how many people increased their alcohol intake during the COVID Pandemic. Alcohol suppresses Natural Killer Cell numbers and activity (in the liver), the first responders that kill cancer cells, viruses and bacteria and also distinguish self from non-self. If NK cells are 'sleeping', viral load, cancer progression and spread and autoimmunity increases....pure logic.

Thank you for writing this very informative article. I will refer my patients to it as it is so well written.

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I am an internist in private practice in a community west of Milwaukee, and my commitment as a physician is to keep my patients and community safe and healthy. I have worked hard throughout the pandemic, to learn everything I can about COVID19, have helped my patients stay healthy, greatly…

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Two months into the COVID pandemic, physicians on the front lines were referred to as ‘Heroes’. Are physicians actually heroes? I have a perspective on this that is different from popular culture.

Most physicians are born with an instinct to heal. We run into danger, without concern for our own…

Rose Kumar M.D.

medical entrepreneur dedicated to preserving the sanctity of Medicine, transforming healthcare and writing about it www.ommanicenter.com

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