An antidote for the Election

Rose Kumar M.D.
3 min readNov 10, 2016

Today I would like to invite you to focus on connecting with gratitude.
Sometimes while under stress, it is hard to do.

Take a moment to leave the world of politics and the election and connect with your deep self.

What do you need to feel grounded and attended to?

For me, focusing on my glass being half-(or more than half) full every day is a spiritual practice. It is easy for me at times to see life through the eyes of a victim - the glass being half empty.

The inner-victim is insidious, at least mine is.

When I focus on where I can find meaning, it evokes gratitude.

It is an anti-dote to the victim. It stops energizing it.

What is the meaning of your life, this day, this moment?

Where in your day can you seek it?
When do you feel it?
Stay with that feeling.

We cannot ignore our shadow though. It is a part of us and a great teacher.

What do you need to uncover about yourself that evokes shame, disgust or the need to hide?

The courage to uncover this brings meaning.

Shame is an imprinted and conditioned script that we all carry. It erodes gratitude and separates us from our True self.
It energizes the inner victim.

We cannot confront it head on, it has had too much practice and traction, but we can observe its presence and invite it to the table and have a conversation with it.

Somehow, this loosens its grip on our heart, on our true self.

You will find that ALL of us, yes me too, have shame to work with.

It is a profound teacher, one that I resist at times, but is ever present. Learning how to relate to it without allowing it to erode our sense of self, is a facet to uncovering meaning in our life.

It is just one of the strategies.

Another is to know that we are all working with this.

We are part of the human community.

For this, I am truly grateful — for being part of a conscious community of seekers who are working towards liberation from illusion and the restoration of health.

Health at all levels — which I define as connection to our authentic selves.

ALL of the practices — eating organic, practicing self-care, exercising, treading lightly on the earth, shedding materialism, learning self-compassion, having the courage to seek and uncover our shadow, connecting with each other, simplifying our life and releasing the values of society that take us further away from what is REAL and true, ALL, restore health.

Remember this today.

We are ALL in this together.

Our inner life adds to our outer life.
It also adds to the collective consciousness.

You are the Power of ONE.

Stay awake, stay conscious….



Rose Kumar M.D.

medical physician entrepreneur dedicated to preserving the sanctity of Medicine, transforming healthcare and writing about it