You Don’t Need to Believe in a Conspiracy Theory

One of the reaons people are reacting this days, is due to the feeling of a ‘loss of control’. A pandemic for sure brings this to the fore. An invisible virus has paralyzed our world. This feeling of a ‘loss of control’ is at the heart of any conspiracy theory. When I see these theories pop up with millions of views and shares, I am reminded of this underlying cause. People who believe in these are looking for an outside reason for why they have ‘no control’.

The paradox is that we live with the illusion that we are ‘in control’ and our ego gets used to this illusion. It takes this way of feeling for granted, normalizes it and all of a sudden, we are entrained to think we can control life, death, illness and Nature. Our Medical System is based on this (and is failing miserably).

But this has never been the case. Control has always been an illusion. Eastern spirituality has taught this for over 10,000 years.

When we feel we are ‘not in control’. we look for reasons why. We look for the ‘enemy’ outside ourselves who is taking our control away. We are a society based on rationality. If we can’t find a reason for something we can’t explain, we make one up, to the detriment of all.

Fortunately, there are a few things we CAN control.

We can control what goes into our mouth and what comes out of our mouth.

We can learn what we should eat and not eat, and what is helpful to say and to not say.

We can learn how LIFESTYLE choices are the number one cause of co-morbidities and death from COVID and how to prevent them by changing our lifestyle to an evidence based, healthy one.

We can speak words of encouragement so our society can learn how COVID replicates in the body and what inhibits its replication.

We can hold each other up now more than ever to treat our bodies with kindness and healthy choices so we can enjoy maximal and fast recovery if we get sick and also reverse co-morbidities, ALL of which are created by our choices.

We can use COVID as a catalyst to reclaim our health and Make America Healthy Again!

The choice is ours.

A Vaccine will not save us, our choices will.
Until we have a ‘quick fix’, what are we going to do about our health?

This is the million dollar question.

What are you doing to change your choices and get healthy ???
Your LIFE depends on this.

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